Webster Potato Company is a corporation owned by Kevin, Shawn, Rob, and Shane Webster. Kevin and Shawn, brothers, bought the potato packing facility from Rigby Produce in April of 1996 and began operation in January of 1997. Rob and Shane, brothers, and cousins to Kevin and Shawn bought into the operation in January of 1998. Many changes and updates have occurred over the years to ensure that we are efficient and that our quality is superior.

At Webster Potato Company we are currently running approximately 5000 cwt. of Russet Burbank potatoes per day. The potatoes are packaged in all types and sizes of consumer bags and count cartons. The owners, being growers themselves currently have production of approximately 600,000 cwt. This represents 60% of our total shipping needs. The balance (500,000 cwt.) is purchased from other growers in the area. The four farmers associated with Webster Potato Company are: 

Webster’s Inc (Kevin)
1750 Total acres 
600 Potato acres 

Webster Mile High Farm (Shawn) 
1800 Total acres 
600 Potato acres 

T.R. Webster & Son Inc. (Rob & Shane) 
1700 Total acres 
550 Potato acres 

From planting to harvest, the growing season is supervised by the owners who continue the traditions of their fathers in raising the highest quality product possible. After harvest, the potatoes are stored in climate controlled storage facilities where they are monitored daily to ensure that conditions are ideal for maintaining quality and storability.

Each farm that supplies Webster Potato must pass Good Manufacturing Practices audits. We also have annual Primus Global Food Safety audits at Webster Potato Company to ensure that customers are getting safe products.

From start to finish, the goal of all phases of Webster Potato Company is to provide the consumer with consistent quality, good tasting, satisfying, famous Idaho Potatoes.

As grower and shippers of our own product, we take great pride in supplying only the finest quality Idaho potatoes.