Webster Potato Company sells Russet Burbank potatoes from the end of September through the middle of August. To fill our customers orders for the month in between, we do have Russet Norkotahs. Below is an overview of these two varieties. For information on the many other varieties of potatoes, click the following link that will take you to the potato varieties page on the Idaho Potato Commission website.

Popular Potato Varieties

Russet Burbank

Background: Developed in 1914 by Lou Sweet, a previous president of the Potato Association of America. Scientist Luther Burbank is credited with the discovery of the original seeds. While Idaho growers have successfully produced many varieties over the years, the Russet Burbank is their greatest commercial success and has established a strong brand equity for the state. A late-maturing variety that requires a 140- to 150-day growing season.
Appearance: The exterior skin is relatively thin and light brown in color. The exterior shape is oval and slightly flattened, with few shallow eyes. The interior is off-white to ivory and moderately dense.
FlavorĀ Profile: A distinctive, earthy potato flavor. The high solid (starch) yields a grainy texture and slightly chewy skin. Bakes up dry and fluffy; fries crisp and golden brown.
Usage: Fresh, frozen, or dehydrated, this variety is well suited to all preparation styles.

Russet Norkotah

Background: Released in 1987 by North Dakota State University, this variety now ranks second in popularity for fresh-market use. Attractive type (refers to consistent oval shape); a high percentage of No. 1 potatoes is common with this early-maturing variety.
Appearance: Excellent conformation; attractive medium-brown color with a long to oblong shape.
FlavorĀ Profile: A mild potato flavor with a soft texture and moderate density. Tends to bake up creamy and moist, not grainy. Moderately chewy skin. White to pale yellow interior. A low to medium specific gravity for most; some have higher starch content.
Usage: Grown primarily for the fresh market. Because of the uniform appearance, has had good success in the retail grocery segment and increasing acceptance in foodservice.