The majority of the potatoes that are packaged by Webster Potato Company are produces in Idaho’s Upper Snake River Valley. The fertile silt loam soils of the Rexburg Bench area famous for producing high quality Russet Burbank potatoes. The combination of high altitude (over 5000 feet), isolated location, and ideal growing conditions (warm days and cool nights), contribute to the consistent quality, solids and performance of our potato crops.

Established in the early 1900’s our family-run farms have produces quality crops for decades. In the 1960’s deep wells were established to irrigate the dry lands. Drawing water from the deep aquifers provides safe, reliable irrigation for the potato crop. Most of the acreage is watered with center pivot irrigation systems that provide uniform and timely moisture application. The deep rich volcanic soils of this area provide an ideal foundation for quality, good tasting potatoes.